Server And Desktop Management System

By implementing server, desktops and mobile management system, it will provide deployment, configuration, software packaging, software configuration and PC personality migration for any Windows operating system. Scripted operating system installation is also supported as are application installations with conditional events that run only if the target system matches the desired configuration. The deployment technology supports desktops, notebooks and handhelds with special emphasis on unattended installations and upgrades, thus eliminating the need to visit and insert systems into AD organization units of a post configuration process.

It also offers on-going, policy-based software delivery for connected and mobile/remote users. With integration to Active Directory interface make ease of creation of collections of computers or any other objects based on their Active Directory organizational units for policies and software distributions. Special emphasis is given to bandwidth throttling for slow connections and checkpoint recovery for situations where the connection is lost during download.

You will also be able to track and report which applications are running on client systems and monitors application usage. From this data, management is better able to determine where to redistribute unused or seldom-used licenses, determine future software purchases, and proactively monitor unapproved application usage throughout the enterprise.


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