End-To-End Anti Virus Solution

In recent years, virus threats have become increasingly sophisticated and prevalent. With more than 62,000 known viruses in existence and more than 300 new ones being discovered each month, organizations need an active anti-virus policy to combat this constantly evolving threat. The challenge facing organizations is the need for a 7x24 anti-virus solution to reduce the risk of downtime associated with an infection. By leveraging our end-to-end anti virus service, our clients receive an effective program that helps protect them from these threats.

The Internet provides organizations of all sizes with a critical means to communicate quickly and efficiently. With this freedom to transmit and receive information is an imbedded risk of spreading unwanted malicious code throughout the organization and beyond. At Brain-Core Consulting we provide a managed anti-virus service that will significantly reduce the risk of infection, allowing you to focus on business priorities.

A computer virus is a generic term that most commonly refers to a computer program designed to replicate and spread to other computers. It's by emailing file attachments, trading programs on CD or diskette, or copying files to file servers that computers can infect the next unsuspecting user and spread the virus to their computer, and so on. Today's most prevalent threats are worms and mass-mailing viruses that can spread around the world in a matter of hours.

Anti-Virus software applications have engines programmed to constantly search for computer viruses and remove them. This software must be regularly updated to ensure that all current threats are recognized. If an unknown virus enters a computer and the anti-virus software does not identify it, the virus remains undetected and could spread throughout the entire company. Anti-Virus management is much more than passively installing an application on a computer. An active defense is the best protection against viruses. A program must be implemented to monitor and update the applications to minimize infections.

Brain-Core Consulting has implemented and maintained anti-virus solutions for some of Canada's leading companies. We bundle this solution with 7x24 monitoring, prompt distribution of updates, and reporting. Our solution provides clients with a solid approach to managing virus threats.


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